Easter Centerpieces & Table Decor Ideas

Easter is one of those holidays where it is fun to create a beautifully decorated table or centerpiece to accompany your Easter meal. It just would be incomplete without beautiful, fragrant spring flowers and fun or elegant accents adorning the dinner table. Create your own charming Easter centerpieces inexpensively using fresh flowers and imaginative touches. Here are three stylish centerpieces that are easy to create.

1. Golden Egg Simplicity


This is an extremely simple centerpiece yet very elegant. Just fill a small vase with flowers either picked from outside or store-bought, such as lilies, tulips, daisies or other in-season blooms. Find golden, metallic egg dye or purchase fake golden eggs. Simply place the golden eggs on the table next to the flowers.

2. Marshmallow Bunny Peeps and Daisies


If you love marshmallow Peeps, this is an incredibly cute centerpiece. Place a 14 ounce plastic cup in the middle of a 4.5 inch square glass vase. Fill the cup halfway with water. Add about one half pound green jelly beans around the base of the vase. Then, add 10 pink bunny peeps on top of the jelly bean between the cup and the vase with the bunny faces facing outward. Next, add a dozen daisies to the cup. Make several arrangements and line them down the center of the table.

3. Blooms and Easter eggs in a Hurricane


Put a smaller glass vase into a larger glass cylinder. Add water to the smaller vase. Then, fill in the area around the smaller vase with moss and pastel colored real or fake Easter eggs.  Finally, add stems of pink and lavender blooms.

4. Marshmallow Chicks and Daisies


This centerpiece uses yellow marshmallow chicks and mini yellow daisies. Fill white plastic egg cups with green jelly beans, and then add marshmallow chicks to some of the egg cups and mini daisies to others.

5. Peeping Place Setting


This is a cute place setting that can be made with simple purple tulips, purple napkins, purple candy eggs and chenille fuzzy miniature chicks. Place the tulips in the center of the table in bunches laying down along the entire length of the table. Place napkin on plate with silverware and eggs, add the fuzzy chick atop the silverware facing the chair.

6. Chocolate Bunny Centerpiece


This Centerpiece is as easy as it is cute, and can be combined with other centerpiece ideas with the chocolate bunny as the focal point. Simply use a plate that is pastel in color and place a chocolate bunny and a few foiled chocolate eggs and voila! you've got a cute centerpiece or place setting that can double as dessert!

7. Decorative Eggs and Daisies


This is a simple centerpiece, but what makes it pop is the decorative eggs, which are painted to match the daisies. Use one of these lovely ideas for dying and decorating Easter eggs. Cut daisies at base of flower. Place eggs in a sort of circle with the daisies scattered atop and around them.

8. Decorative Egg Holder


If you have an egg holder then this is a simple centerpiece to make , especially if you want to put in some extra time to make some creative dyed eggs. If you don't already have egg holders, they can be easily found department stores, specialty stores like Williams Sonoma, or online. Simply use fresh flowers to complete the look.

9. Easter Cornucopia


This is a cute way to reuse your cornucopia from Thanksgiving or Autumn decorations. You can use leftover dyed eggs along with some raffia as well as whatever other cute accents you want to add such as small flowers, Easter candy, Peeps or chenille miniature chicks to create an Easter cornucopia fit to accompany a bounty of Easter deliciousness.

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