Create Marbled Looking Easter Eggs with Oil

Creating plain old dyed Easter eggs can get a little boring, so why not spice things up by creating some marbled looking Easter eggs. And it’s really not any more difficult than dying Easter eggs.


Make your egg dye the way you normally would. You can even dye a few eggs in the solid colors to add some variety to your Easter baskets.

Then add one tablespoon vegetable oil to each container of dye. Do NOT stir the oil into the dye, but rather let it settle wherever it wants, usually on top.

Use a spoon to carefully dip each egg into the dye and then immediately retrieve it. Leaving eggs sit in the oil dye mixture will result in a solid color, not a marbled color. Gently blot the egg with a cotton cloth or a thirsty paper towel, don’t use anything with a pattern. Be careful not to rub the egg as this will ruin the crisp swirling and marbling patterns.

Continue to dip the eggs into as many colors as you want or repeat the same color over and over, creating a layering effect on each egg.

If the egg seems too loaded with oil to accept more dye, blot it well, let the dye dry and then rub the oil off of the egg shell.

This project is so much fun for both kids and adults that you may want to have colored eggs on more occasions than just Easter. 

About the Author
Kristin is a freelance writer and runs a decorative paint business.