How to Make A Plastic Easter Egg Garland

This isn’t a craft that kids can do on their own, but it makes a perfect do-together Easter craft. To get the kids involved, separate the craft into two steps: drilling and stringing. You drill the holes and the kids string the eggs.


Picture from Make and Takes.


  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Drill with a small bit
  • Yarn or string
  • Yarn needle


Separate the eggs. Carefully drill holes in the top and bottom pieces of each egg.

Thread the yarn needle with string.

String the eggs, one half at a time. Press the eggs together after they’re on the string.

If the eggs are sliding around on the string too much, you can knot the string before and after each egg.

Hang on an Easter egg tree or over a window for a festive Easter decoration!

About the Author
Barb Hacker is a mom to three boys and a freelance writer.