Easter Basket Help: Non-candy Fillers Preschoolers will Love

You probably don’t need any ideas on what edible treats to put in your child’s Easter basket. It’s easy to stock the basket with enough yummy treats to keep any child happy, but it’s important to balance the Easter basket out with some things that won’t cause an Easter-morning bellyache. To keep from going into candy overload, smart parents choose non-candy gifts to fill in the extra space in the Easter basket.



Kids of all ages love to play with bubbles. Easter-time is the perfect time to find holiday-themed bubbles at department stores and dollar stores. Look for bubble containers shaped like baby chicks, Easter bunnies and carrots.


Play-doh is a popular toy for preschool-aged children. It provides hours of fun and creativity. Play-doh is sold at Easter-time in egg-shaped containers. Or, you can buy Play-doh in spring-time pastel colors. For a special treat, make your own scented and colored Play-doh. Package the Play-doh with Easter-themed cookies cutters.

Sidewalk Chalk

Spring weather brings preschool-aged kids outdoors for playtime. Give them some sidewalk chalk in the Easter basket they can use to decorate the driveway and sidewalks on sunny days. Find sidewalk chalk shaped like Easter eggs or buy an assortment of chalk in different colors.

Easter treats don’t have to be edible. Choose bubbles, Play-doh and sidewalk chalk to fill in a preschool-aged child’s Easter basket.


About the Author
Barb Hacker is a mom to three boys and a freelance writer.