Five Simple Things to put in an Infant’s Easter Basket

Easter baskets aren’t really designed for infants. But, babies who aren’t eating solid foods, much less candy, don’t need to miss out on all the Easter fun. Truthfully, very young infants aren’t going to care if they get an Easter basket or not, but older siblings might wonder why the Easter Bunny forgot the baby. Here are five easy things that parents can add to an infant’s Easter basket. 


1. Infant Toys

A special, Easter-themed rattle or plush toy will be a special treat for baby on Easter morning.  Find a toy that a baby can grab and play with easily, like felted wool interlocking baby rings, available from Etsy. Teething rings also make good Easter basket toys for babies.

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2. Hats

Babies not only need to wear hats when they are out in direct sunlight, but they look cute in them, too!  Give baby a hat in his Easter basket that he/she can wear to the Easter parade and out in the spring sunshine.

3. Socks

Young babies aren’t likely to wear anything on their feet but socks. Toss a few pairs of pastel-colored socks into an infant’s Easter basket.

4. Easter Bibs

It’s no secret that babies drool a lot. Give the baby in your life a couple of Easter-themed bibs to wear on the special day. Find bibs with ducks, bunnies or other spring-time themes.

5. Board Books 


Board books are great gifts for infants, even if they aren’t old enough to grasp a book yet. Some experts recommend reading to an infant from birth and most infants enjoy listening to the sound of mother’s voice. Hold a brightly-colored board book up for the baby to see and read to him. There are many, special Easter board books, like Owen’s Marshmallow Chick (Greenwillow Books, 2003) by Kevin Henkes.

Filling an Easter basket for an infant is mostly so the parents and older siblings can include the baby in the holiday. Use it as an opportunity to give the baby fun and practical gifts. 


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