Easter Word Scramble

Word games help children learn and remember new terminology in a fun way. Word scrambles are a wonderful way to promote literacy. Discuss the concepts and vocabulary related to Easter and then provide a list of vocabulary words to study. Then, distribute this fun Easter Word Scramble for students in grades 4 to 6 to complete.

Easter Word Scramble

Please unscramble the words below
1. eatres  
2. asegegter 
3. sebnnyetuar 
4. errurceisont 
5. eyd 
6. rrirucsoeten 
7. rsjticsuehs 
8. esbateaksert 
9. cynda 
10. njlbaselye 
11. entonb 
12. dreaap 
13. ieslil 
14. chkci 
15. eaoectrd 
16. snuteeeggtahr 


KEY: Easter Word Scramble
Please unscramble the words below
1. Easter
2. Easter egg
3. Easter bunny
4. resurrection
5. dye
6. resurrection
7. Jesus Christ
8. Easter basket
9. candy
10. jellybeans
11. bonnet
12. parade
13. lilies
14. chick
15. decorate
16. Easter egg hunt

What Easter literacy activities will you be doing in your classroom? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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